Why do I need to keep my CMS up-to date?

It’s important you upgrade your CMS when a new version becomes available for the following reasons:-

  • Keep your website accessible with the latest browsers
  • Ensure you website still functions properly
  • Make sure your CMS tools continue to work
  • Make the most of the latest tools available
  • Be sure that you benefit from any bug fixes
  • Have a web solution that never falls out of date

Unfortunately though sometimes clients experience issues when upgrading. An upgrade needs to be managed through a controlled process.

Our upgrade process includes:-

  • Plan the upgrade
  • Have a regression plan should the worst happen
  • Check the website and the database are backed up
  • Ensure there is a clear process to restore the site to its state before the upgrade was undertaken
  • During upgrade disable all plugins
  • Upgrades may be available for your plugins, apply these
  • After the upgrade check the front end
  • After the upgrade check the back end admin
  • If problems occurs rollback and set up the site on our local servers
  • Here we can perform the upgrade and resolve the issues offline
  • Upgrade the live site again and apply the fixes final testing

One of the benefits to working with MVG Media is that we only recommend solutions that are futureproof. Periodically we will send blanket emails asking you to check if your CMS is up to date (some will clearly display a message in the main dashboard if the CMS is out of date). Unfortunately we are often unable to contact clients individually to advise you that you need to upgrade.