We Love Sport

We Love Sport

Stonegate came to MVG Media with an idea - they wanted a full redesign of their existing we love sport holding page which directed users to their We Love Sport app, to become a fully functional website instead, mimicking what the app was achieving.

The challenge

MVG Media had previously worked with WLS App Team to create API calls and feeds of all sporting events created within the CMS. At the time, the CMS provided detailed sporting information which would be visible within the WLS App, so MVG utilised their API into feeding the We Love Sport website.

The solution

MVG Created on the Wordpress platform and a fully connected We Love Sport site to the CMS was born. All sporting events via the API would instantly be seen, coupled with all Sporting venues, assets, opening times, blurb etc all pulled in dynamically. Any changes made can be controlled and pushed to multiple sites as needed, saving Stonegate’s Marketing Team a lot of time when managing 600+ venues.

Furthemore, new features and integrations were created throughout the year, such as TV Guide - to know which channels were showing the games in a venue near you, blogs, and newsletter signups.

The result

In partnership with the Stonegate Group, MVG Media recreated the We Love Sport website, a fully dynamic, mobile first fast website, with the sole aim to get the user to their favourite game, venue and make a booking as quickly as possible. Visit the website -

We Love Sport -

Kind words ...

We approached MVG with the idea for a new Wordpress aggregator website to support one of our new marketing initiatives. The job saw us work with MVG’s Scrum Master, designers and developers in order to ensure the new website was:

- On brand
- Had the simplest customer journey possible to ensure our marketing goals were hit
- Pulling correct data from 500+ pub websites
- Updated in real time when making changes to content in the central CMS

The design process was simple and completed with a mixture of initial meeting, brand deck and feedback meetings. The build and release went very smoothly, using an Agile approach to ensure work between the two development teams was co-ordinated to deliver the project efficiently and on time.