Stonegate Group -  Azure Migration

Stonegate Group -  Azure Migration

MVG Media migrate UK's largest pub chain onto Azure

Stonegate Group, who’s 1300+ active Public Websites, Content Management System and APIs have been on dedicated servers for the past 5+ years, recently requested MVG in late 2021 to deliver the movement of these to the cloud.

After considerable investigation and research, MVG Media decided to utilise Microsoft Azure as the solution for hosting Stonegate’s content. The benefits included a cost saving initiative as well as automatic scaling during unprecedented peak periods, which would be crucial for Stonegate’s drive to acquire more venues and grow their estate. 

The Challenge:

Migrating 1300+ websites with no loss of service was a challenging task for MVG Media, as well as ensuring all 3rd party applications and partners reliant on the MVG Media infrastructure for Stonegate were not impacted. 

The Solution : 

With careful planning, coordination, and lots of QA, MVG successfully migrated all Public Websites, API and CMS applications to Microsoft Azure. The deployment was structured so there was minimal disruption to services for Stonegate employees and more importantly, their customers. 


In partnership with the Stonegate Group, MVG Media successfully migrated their 1300+ public websites, API connections and CMS systems to the Azure platform.