The Chapter Collection Brand

The Chapter Collection Brand

This case study is based on the Stonegate group, where they express their goals for the future and how we applied our design and development skills to create an innovative solution that expresses their vision.

In February 2021 Stonegate announced they were aiming to elevate the pub to a new level, where British food would be served with a twist and the drinks would capture the imagination. The Chapter Collection Brand was born. A brand that would be all about Fresh food, serving cuisine based on the freshest ingredients available that day.

The Challenge:

Stonegate wanted MVG Media to create new brand within their Content Management System that encapsulated the fresh bold design as provided in their vision. 

The Solution:

The Design team worked with Stonegate to transform their wireframes into a modern design, that could be built within the framework of the Content Management System.  Direct communication between Stonegate Marketing team and MVG Designer was always available, allowing for a fast, effective website and mobile designs to be created.

Furthermore, new features and integrations into the system were needed to accommodate the new design, but with the teamwork between design and development teams, MVG Media were able to create a unique design, that separates this from other brands. 

Conclusion: In partnership with the Stonegate Group, MVG Media created an elegant and functional design for the Chapter Collection, without compromise. To see the full design pay a visit to The House Of Chapters website.