Stonegate: The Unicrew Case Study

Stonegate: The Unicrew Case Study

In this case study you'll learn how we helped tell Stonegate's story and showcase this vibrant, innovative website to deliver an exceptional user experience that is engaging for students.

The challenge

Stonegate came to MVG Media wanting a new design for their Student Demographics. A fresh, modern brand, completely different from their current portfolio, with the aim of engaging this audience like never before.  The aim was to promote the best experiences Stonegate has to offer but also to provide much-needed offers and savings for students.

Architecturally, this new student brand would need to be cohesive with existing venues - so the challenge of integrating a student brand of venues along with existing ones would be vital to its success. 

The Solution

MVG’s design incorporated vibrant colours, displaying imagery on polaroid backgrounds, with bold fonts, ticker tapes and logos encouraging the user to scroll through and visit their Student Venues, and promotion discounts along the journey.

MVG incorporated an aggregator domain functionality to their build, essentially taking any of the 2000+ Stonegate Venues, nesting it as a Student Venue and the system automatically generating a profile page. 

Screenshot Unicrew Website

Login, Vouchers and Apple / Google Wallets

The second phase needed to deliver a user login section, integrate the live vouchers into the user profile section, along with the ability to add these vouchers instantly to your phone’s wallet.  

MVG successfully created a profile section and integrated its solution into Apple and Google’s ecosystem, so the user is now able to download their vouchers directly to their phone and use at the tills when visiting a Stonegate venue.

This seamless experience is driven by the data being fed to MVG via 3rd party suppliers and dynamically displaying the connection on the student’s profile.

Screenshot Unicrew Website

Screenshot Unicrew Website Moblie View
Moblie View