Royal Caribbean

An on-board questionnaire working along side a custom CMS allowing the client to gather useful information about what activities people would like to get involved in when they are on holiday.

Project Goals

Creation of a system of surveys for passengers onboard ships to see what kind of activities (e.g: scuba diving, excursions, beach activities etc) might appeal to various people as Royal Caribbean expands their ports facilities.

  • Build an initial pilot for a single ship
  • Passengers use an on-board ipad to take the surveys
  • The result of the survey are then used to create a range of activities that will appeal to the passengers

Our Solution

A user friendly app that presents possible activities to the passengers, in their language and a range of tool for RC to use the data.

  • An ipad app
  • Available in English and Chinese
  • Fun and engaging for passengers
  • A range of tools for RC export and review the data


The client was extremely pleased with the delivered ipad app. They felt that it exceeding their expectations and looked forward to running the pilot on their ships.

Data is currently being gathered and analysed before potentially rolling the app out onto other vessels in the future.

  • CMS Website
  • Corporate
  • Leisure

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