Throughout the process

We utilise online tools throughout the testing process on our designs, prototypes and the fully functioning beta with targetted users that perfectly match your demographic.

Here’s how it works:-

We are able to “look over the shoulder” of our target audience while they use our website, so we can see and hear where users get stuck and why they leave.

STEP 1 – Create Your Test

Describe the tasks you want users to perform. Want to test your shopping cart? Your landing pages? Your competition? No code is needed, so you can watch users test anything:

  • Mobile sites and mobile apps
  • Your website
  • Your competitor’s website
  • Prototypes

STEP 2 We Notify Your Target Market

Select participants from our large user panel, specifying demographics to screen for your target audience.

STEP 3 Get Feedback in an Hour

Watch videos of participants testing your site. Hear them describe where they get stuck or confused. Receive written answers to your personalized questionnaire. Interact with users after the test and ask follow-up questions

STEP 4 Share With Your Team

  • Edit, annotate, make clips and download videos
  • Combine your favorite clips into a highlights reel
  • Email highlights to colleagues

Test and re-test

This is very easy for us to set up (in comparison to real world user testing). The benefit of that is that it’s so instant. We can test, learn, modify and retest very quickly. We can make tweaks and then retest to make sure our modifcations have had the expected outcome. That would be extremely difficult to do in a real work environment.

Further information can be found at:- is used by half of the top 30 websites including Google, Facebook, Groupon, Ebay and Twitter.