A couple of weeks ago we went out after work for a team building exercise… a cocktail masterclass at
Slug and Lettuce St Albans!

Slug & Lettuce offer a range of different Cocktail Masterclasses at all their different venues and as they are one of our clients we thought that we should try it out. Before we arrived, we were asked to select 2 from a list of 5 cocktails and after a lively debate we voted on making a French Martini and a Classic Mojito.

Upon arrival, we were given a glass of Prosecco and taken to a table set up to make our French Martini’s. Our Mixologist talked us through the different stages and instructed us on how to use the cocktail shakers. I don’t know about everyone else’s but mine was delicious and I found a new favourite cocktail!



After making our first cocktail, we had a delicious sharing buffet with mini burgers, nachos, fries and various other foods. Then it was onto the Classic Mojito!

This one felt like it was a lot simpler due to it all being assembled in one glass, we were taught to smack the mint to release flavour and added sugar syrup and soda to our own taste. One of our team “accidentally” added four measures of rum instead of the instructed two, but he assured us that it was still an enjoyable drink.



We finished off the class with a boisterous “Bomb Rally” in which we were given a choice between a Jäger, Skittle or Glitter bomb. I opted for a Skittle bomb which really did taste like a pack of skittles.

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our evening out and all said we’d enjoy to do it again perhaps with different cocktails next time! Thank you, Slug & Lettuce St Albans!