Well yes, kind of…but there’s more you can do. There are some amazing tools out there to qualify your designs, that prove they’re great.

This moves them away from being a matter of opinion. It’s not just something that you ‘think’ works. You’ve tested your designs and can verify to the client that they work …. you have the evidence.

We’re talking about tools such as Verify.¬†Verify lets you test screenshots of your design work to gain valuable insights on your users’ expectations before writing a single line of code. You can use data to …

  • make better design decisions
  • get buy-in
  • back up your assumptions
  • discover new insights

As designers we carefully take note of the target market and we try and design a user experience that will be well received by them. The fact is that we don’t necessarily have a lot in common with the target market. They might be old folk or even children! An extreme example but you get where we’re coming from. Verify enables you to upload your initial designs and get almost immediate feedback, once you’ve refined your demographic through some simple online tools.

We’re a big fan of Zurb and their products and services including Foundation, Solidify and Notable. More information available at¬†http://verifyapp.com.