Of course, it’s great to get out the office as a team. Often these team outings have a competitive edge and this time was no different. It was Pete’s moment to shine as we decide to visit the Hollywood Bowl in Stevenage. We’ve also been meaning to visit Bar & Beyond. We built their website and it’s due a design refresh shortly so this was a good opportunity to connect the team with the Bar & Beyond brand.

We split into two teams and straight away we had balls flying down the lanes smacking into the pins! Pablo looked rather fine in his bowling threads!

Above: Like a tiger – Pablo in his threads.

There were some big scores but it was Pete that came out on top. It didn’t really come as a surprise as Pete was a bit of a serious bowler back in the day. He had a monster score around 200 which blew us all away! Well done to Jen for coming along, even though she had an injured arm. She did rather well considering she bowled left handed!

Great to see some of our new recruits there in the form of Abraham and Pooja. They’ve already become a huge asset to the team and it was good to get them out the office and having some fun.

So with the bowling complete we dashed just a few doors down for some drinks and food at Bar & Beyond. Immediately you can tell this is not your typical venue, with worn chesterfield sofas, graffiti, unusual fittings and a really chilled out, urban feel. The bar at the front serves as a feeder bar to the nightclub at the rear (‘Beyond’). The nightclub is a surprisingly large with really cool private booths and I can imagine the atmosphere in there at night once the music starts pumping!

The refreshments arrived and the drinks were served in tin cans, whilst the burgers and chips looked and tasted absolutely delicious.

The design team all agreed that this concept is a web designers dream. Everyone had been entertained, fed, watered and inspired. The early concepts for the new Bar & Beyond website have started already and are looking fantastic. We very much look forward to launching the new site and to our next team outing – wherever that might take us!

A very successful trip away from the studio. Well done team MVG Media ?