This way we are able to accommodate more people and create even better experiences online. We do this via our very carefully managed ‘flair syndicate’.

Why we have a ‘flair syndicate’

We manage and collaborate with a mix of front end designers, jquery experts, and php developers. We do this for the following reasons:-

  • Add more resource to the core team
  • Choose from a list of ‘experts’ for specific tasks, sometimes quite niche
  • Work and collaborate with new people
  • Increase awareness of what’s going on outside these four walls!
  • Share our knowledge and experience
  • Find new blood and potentially extend the core team

Please keep reading below and if you think you have something to offer then please get in touch.

Front end UI designers

If you have a knowledge of html5, css3 and have a good eye for design and love interfaces and creating beautiful things online then we want to speak to you. A bit of jquery would be nice too! You may be straight out of college or an experienced freelancer, whatever … it matters not. Send us your details or comment here and we’ll check out your work and possibly add you to the talent pool.

PHP developers

Love coding PHP? Bit of a WordPress guru or coding other fantastic php experiences? We want to hear from you. PHP forms a crucial part of our offerings to small / medium sized clients and we’re always looking for great people to collaborate in this area.

ASP.NET programmers

This is our enterprise level work, so serious stuff! We’re interested in speaking with contractors, freelancers or even anyone looking for their next move. We would need to look very closely at individuals wanting to collaborate in this area (credentials, insurances etc.) but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to hear from you heavy weights!

Can you offer anything else?

Please don’t bombard us with SEO experts! We get way, way too many of these every day! But if you are in branding, pr, project management, digital strategy or copywriting then please get in touch.

Complete newbie?

Here’s a video for all you guys and gals looking at coding for your future. Please watch the video, be inspired and then get in touch.

“Everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer…
because it teaches you to think.”
– Steve Jobs

flair syndicate