Wise up to Waste

We were invited to work again with the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) following the successful launch of www.nlwa.gov.uk . NLWA serves 1.7 million people. They help our councils dispose of the 850,000 tonnes of waste every year.

In north London, we recycle about 30% of our waste. We were asked to develop a website solution that helped them to gain awareness and increase that to at least 50% by 2020.


Tamar Energy

Tamar Energy is a renewable energy business with an ambitious plan to build a UK-wide network of anaerobic digestion plants, creating 100MW of renewable energy. We’re always excited to work on ambitious and demanding projects and welcomed the challenges that came with developing this web solution.

Tamar Energy requirements gathering

Our approach was to initially understand and refine the brief. The individual departments within the business had their own unique set of needs from an online solution. We decided the best approach to ensure a cohesive overall solution was to conduct stakeholder interviews. This involved us reviewing objectives, target markets, competition and other elements with key business and department heads. This was then presented back to the business to form a new, definitive set of requirements. We feel that this was a crucial part of the process to ensure that the project moved in the right direction from the start.

tamar mobile

The project team

It became apparent early on that we needed the support of a copywriter specifically to focus and prioritise the content and connect with their audiences online. In parallel, we developed a professional responsive design that demonstrated the ambitious, forward thinking nature of the business and was flexible enough to incorporate the key messages for different audience groups.

The result

Both MVG Media and the client are pleased with the success of the solution. It’s a fresh, clean design with meaningful content that renders beautifully across all devices including smart phones, tablets and desktop screens. We look forward to supporting and developing this solution in the future.