Peter has a huge amount of technical experience now and is an outstanding applicationsĀ developer. In more recent years Pete’s role has changed as he manages his team and provides technical consultancy throughout the development process. This new role will see Peter get more involved in the business and contribute to our strategy moving forward. We’re confident that this will improve our services and our processes over the coming years.

In addition to Peters exciting news we also have some new recruits! Zahoor Malik comes to MVG Media Limited as an ASP.Net Developer. He has a wealth of experience working on sophisticated web applications and has already started working on some of the larger web applications that we develop here at MVG Media. Since joining us a few months ago he’s impressed us by working hard to improve his front end skills and mastering responsive design in a relatively short space of time.

pabloPablo Corbalan has joined us as a junior developer. During his interview he demonstrated great creative skills. Over the past couple of months we’ve introduced him to html5 and css3 – a great starting point. He’s now able to create nicely designed, professional front end web templates that work across all devices. He’s also worked with content management systems and been a huge help when creating new designs and collecting and managing content.